Armchair Ponderings Pink, Blue, or Grey?

Opinions! Most of the people that I have known over the years have them. Whether or not you wanted to know mine I have given you over five hundred opinion columns to read and ponder during the last twenty years. My Armchair Ponderings sometimes garnered agreement and others disagreement from my habitual readers, nevertheless the column forges ahead.
Have I got an opinion on today’s chosen topic?
I had not heard the term “theybabies” until last Friday night when watching a late-night talk show. A female guest was emphatically advancing the theory that babies’ gender should remain a mystery to themselves and the people around them until their fourth birthday; in this way they could be shielded from gender stereotypes, dolls for girls and balls for boys. They in their newly acquired wisdom then would be able to decide whether they should be recognized as boys or girls. At the time I shook my head in wonder and went on thinking that this was an anomaly.
This morning I read a column written by Julie Compton which delved more deeply into this new phenomenon. She presented a case history of twins raised by their parents without a gender designation. The pronoun “he, she, him or her” was not in their vocabulary.
She advanced numerous theories that attempted to justify the movement that some 220 progressive families, nationwide have adopted. This means that “theybabies” can wear the same clothes, play with the same toys and do not associate biological body parts with being a boy or a girl.
This, what I call “nonsense,” began in Toronto in 2011 when progressive parents raised their child “Storm” without gender designation. Gender-open parenting sees a child’s gender as fluid and a noble goal. My main question, one of many, is what happens to the neutral child as he or she enters a world of football and makeup. Sure there are male and female engineers; nurses and flight attendants plus numerous other professions that are equally capable of being staffed by either gender.
At the risk of sounding opinionated; does anyone remember “playing doctor” as seven year-olds in some obscure place with a member of the opposite sex? “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” type of thing. There was never any question that I was a boy and that I was glad of it. Where I was during The War, gender designated toys were hard to find. I did get a white Teddy Bear but not a doll when I was two or three, and a model train for my fifth birthday. The rest of the time it could be an apple or a book.
I don’t know that this is a generational thing but you can’t help but wonder how did humanity survive eons of time when there was a delineation of the sexes that stated that boys were actually boys and girls were actually called girls?
I never cease to be amazed at the progression of our so called civilization.

by Guy Geller, Gazette Contributing Editor

on July 31, 2018, 1:15 pm


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