From the Desk of the Gazette City Editor: Magnolia’s Water and Sewer Billing Problems Continue

This week, as Magnolia residents received their water and sewer bills they noticed a huge problem. A computer glitch between the meter-reading and billing systems caused a significant number of customers to be over charged. The over-charges ranged from $10 to over $8,000, as reported by at least one customer.
My call to city hall resulted in Mayor Tammy Witherspoon acknowledging that a major issue occurred in this month’s billing process and that the city’s water department and clerk were actively working with customers who reported issues to adjust and correct their bills. Mayor Witherspoon stated that they had identified the problem and called the company that supplied the billing application software to address and provide a permanent fix to the problem. An exact number of Magnolia’s 900+ water and sewer accounts that were in error is still being investigated.
After speaking with the Water Department, it was stated that those residents that have a bank auto-draft for their monthly water bills do not have to worry about the over-charges because the office caught the error prior to sending the auto-draft information to the banks.
City Editor’s Note: It could have been devastating if a person or business had been over charged $8,000 and withdrawn from their bank accounts. It might have taken weeks to recover those over-charged funds creating havoc for the person’s personal or business finances.
Mayor Tammy Witherspoon asked that residents who notice an abnormally high bill to contact city hall to discuss their bill and, if incorrect, get the issue addressed and resolved.

by Terry Jackson, Gazette City Editor – [email protected]

on November 29, 2021, 11:26 am


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