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This weather is almost unbearable. We joked this Sunday morning at church that if we put some bacon and eggs on the cement in front of the church to cook, maybe the smell would bring everyone in the neighborhood to church.
We started a new session in Sunday scho-ol on Nehemiah. I always loved this story and for me it was easy to teach. I especially like his prayers.
Jeanette Hall sang a beautiful special this Sunday morning, I’m not sure of the title but the chorus was “day-star shine down on me and let your love shine on me in the night”. I just closed my eyes an immersed myself in it. Thank you Jeanette!
Bro. Wayne Hall preached from 1st Peter chapter 1 this morning. What a message it was and what a day we had praising the Lord.
Saturday evening the Progress HS classes of 1956-1959 met at the Golden Corral. We had a huge turnout and saw some that we haven’t seen in over fifty years. In my class of 1957 there were six attending with spouses and gu-ests, they were Jewel Fo-rtenberry Boone of Mc-Comb, Mickey Brumfield Jenkins of Byram, Aline Brown Knippers of Pro-gress, Paul Reeves of Ch-atawa, George Carroll Schilling of Pennsylvania and Austin Phelps of Magnolia.
I was so happy to see Clyde Ellzey who was in the class of 1956. He and my brother were the best of friends and I wish my brother could have gr-own on up with him but he died in an accident at the age of 15 in New Orleans. So seeing Clyde after all these years was like seeing part of my brother He is the only one left that I can share memories with. We were glad to have Burns Simmons Robinson attending after she had to have a leg amputated. Her son Al and Teresa came with her. She looks so great and we were all happy to see her. It was a wonderful night and hey! we were all teenagers again and didn’t have any pain or cares except loving each other and reminiscing, especially about our beloved teacher Mr. Abbo Ott.
This Saturday 28th the Knippers family will meet at Progress Baptist Church fellowship hall. We are looking forward to this gathering. Please remember those that are sick or
grieving. God knows all our needs and we can be assured of the fact that His will shall be done.
Happy birthday wishes for next week go to Curtis Cade, Makayla Dunaway and Christi Fortenberry 29th; Joe Johnston, Leanne Leshe, and Rev. Steve Clark 30th; and Carolyn Rimes on the 31st. Starting in August Happy birthday to Laura Barnett, Carrie Larue, Judy Boyd, and Tammie Spinks 1st; Gina Mitchell 2nd; Bernard Capdebosq and Stacie Stinson 3rd; Sammy Anglin, Margaret Cutrer, and Lila Knippers on the 4th.
Happy anniversary to Peyton and Faye Jones on August 3rd.
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16 (KJV)
Have a blessed week, Aline.

by Aline Knippers

on July 31, 2018, 1:25 pm


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